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To give you an option from the famous Shooaway product that only came in black we have released a white version for the summer.  This gives a bit more flexibility to tie in better with your decor.

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Shooaway is well known as a chemical free way of keeping pesky flies away from your food but what about bees and wasps?

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15 Feb / 2016

How Flies Eyes work

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You probably think that because a fly "sees" your hand coming to swat it that a flies eyesight is really good.  In fact the opposite is the truth.  Compare to what would be prefect vision in a human (20/20 vision) a fly has only 20/1200 vision.  It does have the benefit though of having around 4,000 lenses or ommatidia per eye.  Each ommatidium or "lens" performs independently so is like an eye in its own right.  Every ommatidium is like a long cone with the lens on the tip and bearing its own distinct nerve fibre which connects to the flies main optic nerve.

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What do you think when you see a fly walking all over you BBQ dinner or picnic lunch? Is it harmful? Should you throw it away?

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