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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How many ShooAways do I need?
A   On the average 6-8 seat dining table, two ShooAways are recommended. Purchase an extra one to give away to friends and family.

Q   Will a ShooAway keep away mossie's?
A   Sadly not but mossies don't normally go for your food.  They go for you.  Mozzies have different types of eyes to flies.  The flies compound eyes
see the "bouncing" refracted light as movement.  Some midges also are repelled but sadly mozzies aren't.

Q   Do they work in the rain?
A   No - but then flies don't like rain either so while you are sitting eating in the rain the flies are having a rest.  Seriously though
please don't let your ShooAway get wet as they are electric motors so any water is likely to damage them.

Q   Do they work indoors?
A   The ShooAway unit is most effective when in good light.  The reason for this is that the holograms embedded in the tip of the blades refract and bounce light which the flies compound eyes perceive as being "movement".  Flies are very sensitive to movement which is why the little sods are hard to catch and the "movement" is why they stay away.

Q   How tall are they?
A   The height of the unit (blade height) is 25cm.  They are designed so that in a normal dining situation they are well below eye height to allow people to converse easily without the units being "in your face" so to speak.

Q   How long do 2 x AA Batteries Last?
A   Using quality batteries, ShooAway will run for approximately 30 hours. Naturally, once the food is cleared from the table, turn off your ShooAways to get the maximum life out of your batteries.

Q    How long will the ShooAway Motor Last?
A    We use quality motors to ensure a long life. Testing has shown a life expectancy well in excess of 150 hours. We haven’t killed a motor yet!

Q   What is the Normal Courier Time?
A   Allow 3-5 days for delivery from the time of placing your order.  If a rural or Rd address allow another 2 working days.

Q   Can you ship to a different address?
A  We can only deliver to the one address as specified in your order.

Q    What will you receive from Payment Gateway?
A    Payment confirmation

Q    What will I receive from ShooAway?
A     Confirmation email listing Payment Reference number.

Q    What if I am missing something in delivery?
A    Email to

Q    Is tracking available?
A    Sure - give us a call or drop us an email and we will give you the tracking number and a link to the couriers website so you can keep tabs on your order.

Q    What if I don’t use a Credit Card, how can I pay?
A     You can send a cheque or make a funds transfer.  Select one of these options during checkout.