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You probably think that because a fly "sees" your hand coming to swat it that a flies eyesight is really good.  In fact the opposite is the truth.  Compare to what would be prefect vision in a human (20/20 vision) a fly has only 20/1200 vision.  It does have the benefit though of having around 4,000 lenses or ommatidia per eye.  Each ommatidium or ..
09 Mar Should I throw out food that Flies have Landed on
Shayne 0 6079
What do you think when you see a fly walking all over you BBQ dinner or picnic lunch? Is it harmful? Should you throw it away?There is nothing more disgusting than watching flies walking over your sandwiches or sausages.  Most of us squirm and do the hand flick to get them to move on, only to find this lasts for about 10 seconds.The diverse group o..
10 Jul Try Shooaway for Bees and Wasps
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Shooaway is well known as a chemical free way of keeping pesky flies away from your food but what about bees and wasps?The chemical free Shooaway has long been known as an effective way to stop flies crawling over your food when eating outdoors but what about for bees and wasps that might be attracted to your BBQ lunch or picnic?The same principle ..
26 Nov Shooaway now available in White
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To give you an option from the famous Shooaway product that only came in black we have released a white version for the summer.  This gives a bit more flexibility to tie in better with your decor...
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