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The Shooaway Story

How Shooaway Came About

That adage “necessity is the mother of invention” definitely rings true here. Back in the summer of 2008 Rob and I were sitting on the deck having a wonderful Friday long lunch when the idea came to us. The table was set with prawns, oysters and hot rib fillet that had just finished on the BBQ. With a chilled beer and glass of wine in hand this was the perfect Aussie BBQ, complete with flies.

The afternoon was excellent but the constant waving of hands above our food to shoo the flies away did become tiresome. That’s when agreed that there must be an easier way to keep flies off your food than waving our arms around like an idiot. That spark started the invention of the ShooAway!

With the design finalised and the many BBQs and long lunches testing the design we needed a manufacturing manager. Great friend of ours and with more than 20 years of product manufacturing behind him Stuart was the third piece of the pie that we needed. His knowledge helped optimise the production reducing the time to market for ShooAway.

Since completion of the design and starting production, no BBQ or lunch goes by without a ShooAway in the centre of the table. It still amazes Rob and I that a little idea that we had one afternoon over lunch could spread so far and wide.