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The ShooAway Story

The original and still the best!

Created in 2008, ShooAway's unique, innovative design and unmatched quality has made it the best-selling and most loved fly-fan range available today.

About the inventor:

In 2008, one of the millions of summer BBQs happening in Australia spawned an idea that would change the face of outdoor dining, forever!

“Like just about any other BBQ going on at that time – and many that are still going on today – during the course of the event, our beautifully prepared food was being bombarded at almost every instant by a swarm of pesky flies. Everyone knows that frustrating scenario, right? Anyhow, after quickly tiring of waving our arms around like idiots, we started to muse upon the idea that there simply must be a better way to keep these damned flies at bay – away from our delicious food! There was!

That day, the idea for the ShooAway was born. Of course, it took a little while to iron out the design specifics and get to full-scale production, but ShooAway has now been fully delivering on its purpose-built promise, for over FIFTEEN years! And, what’s more, in a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

We look back on that day in 2008, always with a little amazement, especially as we think now about the countless ShooAways that take pride of place on so many outdoor settings, not just in Australia, but all around the world – it’s definitely been a very rewarding journey.”

— Andrew Smith (Owner/Inventor)