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ShooAway - Black - Four Pack

ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack
ShooAway - Black - Four Pack

The original proven Shooaway repellant fly fan.  This popular black-coloured fly repeller is well-known to be a chemical-free way of keeping flies away from your food.

Buy the popular 4-pack of the original Black coloured Shooaway.  Perfect for large tables or when you need to use a couple at home and a couple for the beach house, boat or campervan.

Sick and tired of those nasty, annoying flies trying to eat your food before you? Then try this latest invention - the "SHOOAWAY". This amazing product boasts the following qualities:

  1. Keeps flies away from your food - even outdoors
  2. 100% effective in annoying flies. Shoo fly.
  3. Australian designed and owned and now sold in New Zealand.
  4. Meets all New Zealand standards for fly-shooing .
  5. Non-toxic, chemical free and environmentally friendly.
  6. Harmless to touch.
  7. Uses only 2 x AA batteries (not included).

"SHOOAWAY" is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to eliminate flies, which are crawling over platters of food. Simply place "SHOOAWAY" near platters, close to the food and turn it on. The strategically placed soft touch blades will rotate safely and quietly, and are completely safe to touch. Reach for food and the soft blades will stop when touched, recommencing their fly annoying movements when you are clear of the blades .....BRILLIANT!!!!

The Shooaway uses patented holographmatic technology. It is not the movement of the blades or any fan effect but the holograms in the blade that scatter and diffuse the light. The fly's compound eyes see this "movement" of the light and as they think it is something moving they stay away. Hence the range of effectiveness is wider than the soft-touch blades.

Ideal for BBQs, camping trips, outdoor eating areas, catering companies, down at the beach, picnics in the park, crackers and cheese on the deck. It even keeps flies out of your wine glass too.

So if you want;

  • to keep flies away from your picnic
  • to keep flies off your barbeque food
  • to keep flies away from food when you are prepping salads
  • a natural non-toxic fly control to use outdoors

then shoo away those pesky flies with Shooaway.

Each Shooaway unit has an effective range of about 700mm-1 meter diameter.  So one Shooaway is perfect for use by the BBQ or on a smaller 4-seater table to keep flies away.  Often two Shooaways are ideal as one can be used when cooking the BBQ food to keep flies off the BBQ food and the other can be used to keep flies away from salads and other nibbles being prepared in the kitchen.  Then when the food is ready take both outside (or inside) and use on your outdoor picnic table. 

Two Shooaways will normally cover off a standard 6-8 seater outdoor table and keep flies away from landing and walking on your food when eating.

Buy Shooaway Online.  We can ship your Shooaway NZ wide


Using soft touch blades with patented holographmatic repel dots, ShooAway portable fly fan is 100% chemical-free! Fantastic for your food and the environment! 

It is not really a fan and it is not the spinning blades themselves that repel the flies but the repel dots which flick light around and cause the flies to believe this moving light is movement.  Just like when you move your hand, it scares them off.

Guaranteed To Work!

We're so confident you'll love ShooAway fly repeller that it's guaranteed to work or your money back - No questions asked!

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